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Best Exchanges Overall

This covers the rankings for our top overall exchanges for ALL traders.

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This covers the rankings for our top overall exchanges for ALL traders.

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This covers the rankings for our top overall exchanges for ALL traders.

Why is it important to select the right exchange?

Let’s start out by saying that the Bitcoin network has never been hacked. Ever. However, quite a few cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked and, unfortunately, many people have lost lots of money. The cryptocurrency space has seen many scams come and go, and we want to make sure YOU avoid them. Take a look at all of the scams.

Top Exchanges:


binance top crypto exchange


kraken cryptocurrency exchange


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#4 crypto exchanges


buy alt coins and cryptocurrency on bittrex

Why Trade Crypto?

The cryptocurrency market is a force to be reckoned with as it becomes one of the most unique financial markets in the world. The market cap is nearing $2 trillion US dollars, is open 24/7, and provides inflation hedges for national currencies. Additionally, there is nearly $70 billion in actively daily turnover every single day. For active and passive traders alike, it's one of the best markets in the world to be in.

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Maybe you've heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from a friend, on the news, or from your financial advisor, but you still have questions. What is it? How do you buy it? Can you trade it? Don’t worry, friend. You’re in the right place. 

We built this site for 2 reasons:

1. We want to educate anyone curious about Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies as technologies, currencies, and geopolitical forces.

2. We don’t want new users to get scammed by using shady exchanges, practices, or “mentors”.

We’re here to help. We aren’t here to sell any of our own products or services. We only want to direct new Bitcoiners to respectable and honest cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a fundamentally new, innovative way to transfer and store value without the need for trusted 3rd parties (banks, companies, or governments). 

No one controls Bitcoin except Bitcoin.

This means Bitcoin is global, borderless, portable, permission-less, secure, immutable, divisible, and lives on the internet. It is a digital accounting ledger distributed across millions of computers around the world.


Bitcoin holds its value because there is a capped supply – kinda like a digital version of gold. As Bitcoin grows in popularity and utility this scarcity makes the price go up. Some of the world’s best engineers and entrepreneurs are building applications on top of Bitcoin to make it more accessible and useful. The price of Bitcoin has gone up A LOT over the last decade, but you can own as small a piece of Bitcoin as you want – even pennies!

Digital Gold + FinTech Entrepreneurs = Whoa. The future of finance. 


The Bitcoin network is spread across millions of computers that secure the network and verify the accounting. This is the most secure network in the world and has never been successfully hacked. Some crypto exchanges have been hacked (not the ones we review and recommend!), but we’ll teach you how to buy and secure your Bitcoin properly.


The blockchain is a new and complex database that validates each Bitcoin and confirms the rightful owner. As new transaction blocks are confirmed they are added to the blockchain. This means each Bitcoin is accounted for and verified going all the way back to the genesis block! This process of cataloguing transactions has many potential uses and innovators are just scratching the surface.

Bitcoin Mining

Insanely powerful computer networks use complex math equations to create new Bitcoin. This is called mining! Bitcoin are slowly released to miners as a reward for securing the network, but there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoin.

How do you own Bitcoin?

You buy it from a crypto exchange! We’re here to review and rank these exchanges to make sure you only buy from safe, reliable, intuitive, and ethical crypto exchanges. 

Other Cryptocurrencies

The success of Bitcoin has ushered in a new generation of cryptocurrencies (digital currencies using encryption). Entrepreneurs are building new applications that try to fix problems that Bitcoin has not yet attempted to solve.

There are literally thousands of these ‘altcoins’, but most should be avoided as they are very risky, unproven, and extremely volatile. Ethereum has proven to be the most successful of these altcoins and has many talented engineers and entrepreneurs working on the project.

*Full disclosure - we do receive very small payments for referring certain clients to some of the exchanges, but we don’t base any of our ranking criteria on these payments. Your support, through affiliate links, allows us to publish additional Bitcoin educational material to help catalyze the crypto movement.