Partner Spotlight: BitMaker


Each week we will be spotlighting our partners on the blog to help you better understand what they do and how they can help you activate your cryptocurrencies.


One of the primary difficulties people encounter in the cryptocurrency space is how to get it. What if you could get involved with these exciting and value-compounding new currencies without having to spend any of your existing money–and have FUN while you do it? If that sounds awesome to you, then you’ll want to learn about today’s partner!


Meet BitMaker


As cryptocurrency continues to increase in popularity, we want to help facilitate mass adoption by providing easy ways for anyone to earn at anytime and anywhere. There are currently only two ways that people can attain Bitcoin and Ethereum: purchase it or mine it. Both options can scare people away and prevent cryptocurrency from spreading.


This is where we come in.


Through our application, BitMaker, we have created risk-free options for those who are unaware of cryptocurrency to easily gain exposure in this market. By simply watching videos, playing games, and trying out new products, users are able to get their own crypto for free without any risk involved. For the others, those that have been early adopters of cryptocurrency, we provide fun ways to continue earning through our gamified platform.


BitMaker is the easiest way for users to earn free Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users are able to earn by watching videos, playing games, and trying out new products. BitMaker has a growing community of users that are being rewarded for their active engagement with companies in 187 different countries worldwide. See more at:

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