Partner Spotlight: Monero

Each week we will be spotlighting our excellent partners on the blog to help you better understand what they do and how they can help you activate your cryptocurrencies.


We’re excited that we get to include a few leading cryptocurrencies in our list of partners! Today’s partner is a cryptocurrency known for its particularly enhanced privacy and security features. Sound interesting? Read on!


Meet Monero


The Monero Project is a grassroots, community-driven initiative that works toward the goal of providing trustless, accessible privacy to the world. What started as a simple fork of the CryptoNote protocol has since emerged into a series of projects that advocate for privacy on a global scale. Projects include Kovri (a lightweight anonymizing C++ I2P router) and the Monero coin for privacy, and OpenAlias for accessibility.


The Monero Project takes privacy and security seriously, we know that the our code could be all that stands in between somebody’s finances, freedom, or even life being taken from them. These values are evident from the crowdfunded proposals such as hiring two Ph.D. mathematicians to conduct research in advanced cryptography and establishing a vulnerability bounty fund for cybersecurity researchers to review the integrity of our software.


The end result for the Monero coin is true fungibility. With all transactions private by default, no coin stands out from the others, and you won’t have to worry about your coins getting blacklisted from exchanges or merchants. In short, it operates just like real cash should.


As a community, we work toward a vision wherein everybody has the option to take ownership of their finances, and transact freely without interference or spying from external sources. We foresee a future where cryptocurrency is not only a viable payment option for businesses and merchants, but a preferred one. We firmly believe that no other technology has the potential to shake the foundation of the finance industry, and bring about a trustless environment where each individual has complete control of their own money.


There is no clearer use of a trustless system than privacy. See more at: