Partner Spotlight: Zcash

Each week we are spotlighting our excellent partners on the blog to help you better understand what they do and how they can help you activate your cryptocurrencies.


We’re excited that we get to include a few leading cryptocurrencies in our list of partners! Today’s partner is a cryptocurrency with a broad view about the ways coins like theirs can impact the entire world across the wide variety of economic situations we know exist.


Meet Zcash


Consider the family in Venezuela who must spend all of their income on resources in order to avoid the loss of savings from hyperinflation of the Bolivar. Or the video artist looking for more efficient and sensible platforms to share their content for income. Or the international non-profit raising legal defense funds for individuals prosecuted for telling truths about institutional corruption. Or even the small New Hampshire farm serving their local community with sustainable meat and vegetables offering a variety of payment options.


People and organizations all around the world are already using Zcash and other cryptos as currency. For the full realization of money that can be transacted anywhere with an Internet connection, however, we believe that privacy is a fundamental building block. For Internet money, privacy is the only way to ensure fungibility and guarantee that cryptocurrency can be interchangeable as a fluid medium of exchange for users. Companies need the protection of privacy along their supply chain in order to conduct their business, especially in the context of public blockchains. Individuals need the protection of privacy for core human values like dignity, intimacy, and morality.


With that in mind, we would like to encourage people to continue using Zcash as currency to donate to the variety of efforts that accept Zcash: