8 Ways You Can Participate in Crypto Is Currency Day

8 Ways You Can Participate in Crypto Is Currency Day


We are clearly fans of cryptocurrencies here, but we are always learning new things and we know it can still get pretty confusing if you are just getting started. Maybe you have a little bit of Bitcoin or you have been wondering what other coins are about or the things you can actually do with cryptocurrencies.


Whether you have a stash of Bitcoin or you’re just getting started with a different cryptocurrency, it’s good to know the different ways you can use your coins.


There are countless ways to use your cryptocurrencies, but with our partners we’ve put together a list of 8 ways to use yours during Crypto is Currency Day.


1) Earn coins with OpenBazaar or BitMaker. Both OpenBazaar and BitMaker allow you to earn bitcoin and BitMaker also offers ether.


2) Buy things on OpenBazaar with any coin you’d like via the Shapeshift integration. Fund your internal OpenBazaar wallet with any coin your heart desires as supported by Shapeshift which includes MORE of our partners – Zcash, Monero and Dash!


3) Exchange coins like Monero, Dash and Zcash using Shapeshift. Use the coins you have to get the coins you want!


4) Help those in need by donating Zcash to accepting organizations. (Read more about it here!)


5) Store coins with AirbitzXapo and Blockchain. Keep your Bitcoin safe with the wallets and security solutions offered by these companies!


6) Support creators with Yours. Powered by Bitcoin Cash, they are working to help creators get compensated for their work around the web.


7) Learn about cryptocurrency policies and legal structures with Coin Center.


8) Buy bitcoin with Unocoin if you are in India! For citizens in other countries Coinbase may be the choice for you. (Coinbase is not a partner in this event but they are a great company that provides a very easy way to get started!)


More helpful resources:


  • Coindesk — general cryptocurrency news
  • Crypto Junkie  — A Google Chrome plugin offering general cryptocurrency news, price ticker, videos and more
  • Smith + Crown — news on upcoming token/ICO sales
  • CoinCap — Real time cryptocurrency price updates
  • Cryptocurrency on Steemit — user generated cryptocurrency content on the cryptocurrency-backed social platform, Steemit


What are your favorite resources and tools for getting involved with cryptocurrencies? Please join us on Twitter and tell us!