Bitcoin, China Ban, and Hashrate – Update

Why did China Ban Bitcoin Mining? The Chinese government banned Bitcoin mining on 6/9/2021 due to blackouts, energy shortages, and an unbalanced energy grid. Many companies (and now countries – looking at you El Salvador!) mine Bitcoin using stranded energy or renewables, but most miners in China were using coal. … Read More

Crypto News – July 2021

This post will be smaller in scope than our normal monthly summaries because it’s important to cover, at length, a recently proposed infrastructure bill that could impact Bitcoin in a very significant way. It seems to be a trojan horse with greater aspirations of outlawing Bitcoin / crypto mining completely … Read More

What is Bitcoin? Part 2: Technology

As we discussed in our 1st ‘What is Bitcoin’ post, Bitcoin is the product of a decade’s long technological trial and error process. Numerous innovators and philosophers had an obvious and significant impact on the product that launched in 2009.  Here is a link to the original Bitcoin whitepaper, written … Read More

Crypto News – June 2021

A month in cryptoland is like 5 years in legacy investing… Bitcoin and Crypto News – June Summary: 6/2 – Google reverses prior decision and now allows crypto exchanges to run ads on its platform. 6/8 – Mexican senator says he plans to submit a proposal to legislators aimed at … Read More

Cryptocurrency Guide: Ethereum

What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a very ambitious blockchain platform that seeks to decentralize products, services, contracts, and relationships. Bitcoin’s short term use case is to be Gold 2.0 (with layers of projects built on top) while Ethereum is frequently compared to oil that fuels the network and powers all … Read More

Crypto News – April 2021

A month in cryptoland is like 5 years in legacy investing. April Summary: 4/2 – Mark Cuban, a one-time cryptocurrency critic, does a 180, says he is “All in on…Bitcoin and Ethereum” 4/14 – Coinbase goes public. 4/21 – Binance.US hires former Acting Comptroller of the Currency and Coinbase executive … Read More

Cryptocurrency Guide: Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a fundamentally new, innovative way to transfer and store value without the need for trusted 3rd parties (banks, companies, or governments). Bitcoin can be sent from one individual to another with no authority to oversee, cancel, or edit the transaction. The monetary properties of a … Read More

Why HODL Bitcoin?

First things first. What does HODL mean?! HODL is a Bitcoin acronym that stands for: Hold On for Dear Life. At its core, HODLing means you are a long term investor of an asset and are not influenced by short term price volatility. Where did HODL come from? HODL originated … Read More

Crypto News – March 2021

HOLY SMOKES. March was a busy month and the crypto market / industry seems to only be warming up! 2021 is going to be a historic year. March Summary: 3/15 – The Oakland Athletics will accept Bitcoin as payment AND will hold it on their balance sheet. 3/15 – Avanti … Read More

Why Trade Crypto?

There are Two Types of Cryptocurrency Investors The crypto industry has been growing at an incredible rate over the last decade, and has proven that there is a lot of money to be made (and lost). For some, the money is made similarly to long term investors in a company … Read More

The Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Begins Bitcoin was born in 2009 after one of the worst economic bubbles in the history of the United States burst. Politicians and bankers conspired to pass corrupt legislation and push unethical business practices that enabled greed, dishonesty, and purposefully complex investment vehicles that almost bankrupt the country. Virtually … Read More

What is Bitcoin? Part 3: Principles of Money

Bitcoin Critiques and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) Much has been said about Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, money, and store of value. Here are just a few of the cliched talking points spouted by many in legacy finance: Bitcoin is based on nothing and has no value. Bitcoin is … Read More

What is Bitcoin? Part 1: Origins

Bitcoin has come a long way in a very short amount of time. In this essay we’ll dive into the inspirations, pre-Bitcoin innovations, and origins of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin whitepaper ( was published October 31st, 2008 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto to gauge interest and request feedback in an experimental … Read More