Bitcoin, China Ban, and Hashrate – Update

Why did China Ban Bitcoin Mining? The Chinese government banned Bitcoin mining on 6/9/2021 due to blackouts, energy shortages, and an unbalanced energy grid. Many companies (and now countries – looking at you El Salvador!) mine Bitcoin using stranded energy or renewables, but most miners in China were using coal. … Read More

Crypto News – July 2021

This post will be smaller in scope than our normal monthly summaries because it’s important to cover, at length, a recently proposed infrastructure bill that could impact Bitcoin in a very significant way. It seems to be a trojan horse with greater aspirations of outlawing Bitcoin / crypto mining completely … Read More

Crypto News – June 2021

A month in cryptoland is like 5 years in legacy investing… Bitcoin and Crypto News – June Summary: 6/2 – Google reverses prior decision and now allows crypto exchanges to run ads on its platform. 6/8 – Mexican senator says he plans to submit a proposal to legislators aimed at … Read More

Crypto News – April 2021

A month in cryptoland is like 5 years in legacy investing. April Summary: 4/2 – Mark Cuban, a one-time cryptocurrency critic, does a 180, says he is “All in on…Bitcoin and Ethereum” 4/14 – Coinbase goes public. 4/21 – Binance.US hires former Acting Comptroller of the Currency and Coinbase executive … Read More

Crypto News – March 2021

HOLY SMOKES. March was a busy month and the crypto market / industry seems to only be warming up! 2021 is going to be a historic year. March Summary: 3/15 – The Oakland Athletics will accept Bitcoin as payment AND will hold it on their balance sheet. 3/15 – Avanti … Read More